24hr Support (UK)
0303 040 2551
Non Emergency Local
(NI) Support

Welcome to Vet Support NI

Vet Support NI is committed to the emotional wellbeing of all members of the veterinary family and community in the North of Ireland.

If you would like non-emergency confidential support from a local Northern Ireland based colleague we can be contacted initially by email. We will respond within 24 hours. Click here for contact details.

This service provides completely confidential support to any individual involved in the veterinary profession including vets, vet nurses and workplace support staff and is delivered by vets and nurses specifically trained to offer this service.

The volunteers are focussed on providing support in a confidential and relaxed manner.

This may be delivered in many ways such as –

  • Helping to manage overwhelm, anxiety or stress
  • Teaching calming techniques and developing positive coping mechanisms
  • Changing distress into decisions
  • Planning a way forward whilst facing challenging circumstances
  • Developing achievable goals
  • Enabling decision making and self-development
  • Finding a healthy work-life balance
  • Providing contacts for further support and advice
***** For 24/7/365 support, speak to Vetlife on 0303 040 2551. *****
Vetlife is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They are a independent charity dedicated to providing confidential support to anyone in the UK veterinary community.